Afeni Shakur, Tupac’s mother was a prominent figure in the Black Panthers and a main defendant in the NY Black Panther 21 case where the NYPD attempted to frame members of the party for plotting to blow up and attack landmarks in NYC. She is credited by many for being a charismatic figure in the trial who helped sway the case in favor of the Panthers. She also worked in unofficial capacities on following trials of prominant Panthers including her second husband and Tupac’s step father Mutulu Shakur, her close friend and his “aunt” Assata Shakur and BPP Minister of Defense Geronimo Pratt, her son’s godfather. A little known fact is that Tupac at the age of 17 was a national chairman of the New Afrikan Panther Organization, a group that at the height of his “gangsta” or “thug life” phase he was donating thousands of dollars too. A main reason for his assassination was due to the government realizing he was moving out of his “gangsta” phase after finding a whole new level of stardom and moving back toward more conscious and even militant songs, illustrated by Changes, his first posthumous single.